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Here's a description of the Hello GENI experiment; we're still fleshing this out.


This experiment is just a quick way to reserve some resources and see if they can talk to each other. It uses an IP subnet, which you have to allocate from a pool that the GPO maintains, but the rest of the resources, you can provision yourself.

IP subnets

We've set aside as a pool of IP subnets for this. We're currently using - for the Plastic Slices project, and have - available for other uses.

MyPLC hosts

We currently use a static ARP table for the MyPLC hosts that support Hello GENI, which we store at so that it can be fetched easily to hosts when it changes.

Et cetera

We still need to add more info here, like how to allocate these resources and use them, but wanted to get the table of MAC addresses and IP addresses out ASAP.

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