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    1313Figure 1. Design of the Clemson Geni Handover Testbed
     15The network-level component is required to manage and maintain client IP addresses, as well as the routing of client packets within the the testbed network. Both of these tasks are performed with a Floodlight (FL) OF controller, which maintains a global IP address pool and handles migration events within the testbed. To maintain the global IP address pool, a custom DHCP server module is integrated into FL. The FL controller is designed to be extensible to support other use cases; for example, in a HaaS framework, the FL controller could also make the handover decisions for the mobile devices in the network [1]. A key component of the network-level is an OF-enabled switch or Open vSwitch (OVS) located at the root, such that all IP mobility-enabled networks on the edge are descendants of this root. As descendants of the root switch, other OF switches or OVSs are deployed on the network-level in order to both route client packets and detect migration events. From a network operations point of view, benefits of this tree-like design include (1) a single point of integration with the campus infrastructure and (2) the requirement of no specialized hardware in the case where OVS is used in favor over physical OF switches.
     17The client-level component of the testbed exists entirely on-board the client and is responsible for both switching the active physical interface and maintaining all client sockets during such a handover event. To maintain active sockets, a default virtual network interface (VNI) is installed on the client. All applications send and receive packets through this VNI, and by nature of a virtual interface, it is not impacted by physical interface states. The client is also equipped with OVSs and its own FL OF controller. This controller is responsible for routing packets from the VNI's OVS, through the client-level OVS network, and then to the physical interface of choice as determined by a handover decision.
    1519=== Network component ===
    2832[[wiki:HandoverTestbed  Steps to use the testbed]]
     34[1] Xu, K.; Izard, R.; Yang, F.; Wang, K.-C. & Martin, J. Cloud-Based Handoff as a Service for Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks with OpenFlow Research and Educational Experiment Workshop (GREE), 2013 Second GENI, 2013, 45-49