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GENI Experiment Control Using Gush
a.k.a. GushProto, GUSH

Technical Contacts

PI Jeannie Albrecht / / +1 413 597 4251
Amin Vahdat / / +1 858 534 4614

Participating Organizations

Williams College, Williamstown, MA
UC San Diego, San Diego, CA


The scope of work on this project is to design and implement a prototype to build Gush (the GENI User Shell), a robust experiment control and management framework for GENI. The final product of this work is expected to be a fully functional framework that supports experiment control through three user interfaces, including a graphical user interface (GUI), command line interface, and a programmatic interface.

This work will include design of an API in Gush for interacting with GENI Clearinghouses. Gush will integrate with GENI Clearinghouse prototypes provided by the control framework developers to test the Gush API and the use of slice interaction functions. Initial work will be with the PlanetLab control framework using XML-RPC communication with the PlanetLab Central Database (PLC). Development will focus on getting the Gush command line and programmatic interfaces working before moving on to the graphical interface, with an emphasis on detailed error reporting that will simplify debugging.


milestone:"GushProto: User Study" See ticket #5
milestone:"GushProto: v0.1 Implementation"
milestone:"GushProto: User Documentation and Web Site"
milestone:"GushProto: GEC Demo"

Project Technical Documents

Gush User Study 1

Spiral 1 Connectivity

PlanetLab control framework.

IP Connectivity: IP connectivity from GUSH controller (typically user desktops) to PlanetLab machines in slice. IP connectivity between controller and clearinghouses. May need IP connectivity between PlanetLab machines in slice and Gush code repository to download so Gush software if machines don't already have Gush client installed.

GPO Liason System Engineer

Vic Thomas /

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