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Template for the GENI Regional Workshop Page creation



Include in this page on the information about the GENI infrastructure and project. Also include the major Theme that the workshop will be concentrated upon.

Sample details about GENI could be as below

GENI GENI-logo- GIF(Global Environment for Network Innovations) provides a virtual laboratory for networking and distributed systems research and education. It is well suited for exploring networks at scale, thereby promoting innovations in network science, security, services and applications. For more information visit the GENI website. (from

Sample details about the theme of GENI Regional workshop could be as below

The GENI Regional Workshop provides an opportunity to learn about GENI and how you can use it for your networking and distributed systems research and teaching. GENI is an NSF-funded nationwide testbed used by over 4300 researchers and educators to run experiments not possible on today's Internet. Join us for an overview of GENI and for hands-on tutorials running different types of experiments on GENI. Participation is open to all. ( What is the workshop about ?,


Include the Logo of the sponsors

Conference Date and Venue

Include the conference date and place (in brief without details)


Include in this Section, details about

  1. Web-link for the Registration
  2. Registration Fee
  3. Cancellation Policy
  4. Last Date to register
  5. Availability of Travel grants and other Details
  6. Web-link to apply for the Travel Grants

Organizing Committee

Information about the members of the Organizing committee.



  1. Include the timing schedule of the events with Venue/Hall details grouped under each day of the workshop.
  2. Information about the presenter of each event
  3. Link to the presentation material
  4. Information that participants has to bring their own Laptops for the Tutorial sessions.
    Important: you must bring your own Laptop to participate in the hands-on tutorial sessions.
  5. Any Links to get information about the participants choice of the session

Materials (optional)

Presentation materials, tutorials, Additional information, posters can be included here.

Wireless access

Details on the availability and access information of the Wireless Internet access.

Anti Harassment Policy

The GENI Engineering Conference is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants. If you believe you are being harassed, believe that you have noticed someone else being harassed or have other concerns, please contact any representative of the GENI Project Office immediately.


Hotel Booking and Accommodation

  1. List of addresses and contact details of the Hotels to book for.
  2. Details about preferential booking/Special Discounted Booking/Group booking
  3. Expected approximate rate.


  1. Information regarding the supply of Breakfast/Lunch /Dinner during the Workshop.
  2. Whom to contact for informing Dietary Restrictions


  1. Details of the Parking Facility.
  2. Parking fees
  3. Map and Location of the Parking facility
  4. Direction to the Workshop venue from the Parking Lot
  5. Availability of reservation of parking Lots for the Workshop Attendees.
  6. Contact information of the Person to get more information

Google Map of the Venue

Local Transportation Facilities

Places to Visit and Things to Do

  1. List of important places to hang around.
  2. Provide the addresses and some details about their importance.
  3. Google Map with all the placed pinned.

Places to eat (optional)

WebLinks to the Recently held GENI Regional Workshops

Click Here for the web links to the recently held GENI Regional Workshops

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