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BBN ProtoGENI deployment

The GPO has deployed some small ProtoGENI-enabled Emulab clusters to help test the ProtoGENI API, and to provide resources for SpiralTwo and SpiralThree mesoscale experiments. This page discusses our production emulab, We also have two staging/development emulabs in the GPO lab, which are not publically available.

Please contact for questions about or help with BBN ProtoGENI/Emulab nodes.

Status of

  • Nodes: 11 Dell R210 hosts
  • Dedicated switches: 1 Cisco 2960G
  • Per-node experimental connections: 2 emulab-controlled; 1 on OpenFlow-capable HP switch (not currently controlled by emulab)
  • Emulab version: stable-20101108
  • Supports ProtoGENI API?: yes
  • Supports GENI Aggregate Manager API?: yes
  • OS images available: FBSD62-STD, CENTOS55-STD, CENTOS55-64-STD, UBUNTU1004-STD