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BBN ProtoGENI deployment

The GPO has deployed some small ProtoGENI-enabled Emulab clusters to help test the ProtoGENI API, and to provide resources for SpiralTwo mesoscale experiments.

Please contact for questions about or help with BBN ProtoGENI/Emulab nodes.

Status of BBN ProtoGENI clusters

The GPO lab contains three ProtoGENI-enabled emulab testbeds (one production and two staging). The testbeds run different versions of the emulab software, and may differ in terms of other important features. This table lists the known features of each emulab.

PurposeProduction/demoStagingSoftware development
Color(grey,Hardware features)?
Node count 11 2 2
Per-node experimental connections 2 emulab-controlled (cisco)
1 on OpenFlow HP or NEC switch
3 emulab-controlled (cisco) 3 emulab-controlled (cisco)
Color(grey,Software features)?
Emulab version stable-20101108 stable-20101108 emulab-devel
ProtoGENI enabled? yes yes yes
GENI AM enabled?
(requires stable-20100714 or later)
yes yes yes
Bash installed? yes yes yes
Color(grey,Images available)?
FBSD62-STD yes yes yes
FC6-STD no no no
CENTOS55-STD (32-bit) yes yes no
CENTOS55-64-STD (64-bit) yes no no
UBUNTU1004-STD (32-bit) yes
Open to non-BBN users? yes no no