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     491== Configure Secondary Interfaces for Experimental Topology ==
     493=== Description ===
     495In order for experimenters to use a multisite MyPLC topology, e.g. one which is connected to the [wiki:NetworkCore OpenFlow network core], the MyPLC planetlab nodes must be configured with secondary interfaces whose IPs can communicate with each other.  This section documents a particular configuration, for the [wiki:HelloGENI] experimental setup.
     497These steps will have limited relevance if you are not participating in a setup such as Hello GENI, and if you are not implementing the campus topology for experimenters described in [wiki:OpenFlow/CampusTopology].
     499=== Variables ===
     501Variables whose names start with `plnode_` are different for each participating planetlab node on your MyPLC.
     503|| '''Variable''' || '''GPO Values''' || '''Description''' || '''Important Notes''' ||
     504|| `<of_vlan>`    || 1750             || An !OpenFlow-controlled VLAN used to implement [wiki:OpenFlow/CampusTopology#Port-basedphysicalVLANtranslation Port-based physical VLAN translation] in your environment || ||
     505|| `<plnode_fqdn>`  || || the FQDN of each planetlab node on your MyPLC || ||
     506|| `<plnode_eth1_macaddr>`  || 00:1b:21:4b:3f:ad || the MAC address of the `eth1` dataplane interface on each planetlab node on your MyPLC || ||
     507|| `<plnode_exp_lastoct>` || 51 || the last octet of the dataplane IP addresses assigned to this node, according to [wiki:HelloGENI] || ||
     509=== Reference ===
     511Follow the steps in this reference to install and configure the `plifconfig` tool for PLC configuration of secondary interfaces, then to use this tool to install VLAN-based subinterfaces on each node.
     513 1. Follow the steps in [wiki:GpoLab/MyplcNodeDataplaneInterfaces#SetUptheEnvironmentforVLANInterfaces] on the myplc and on each node to configure your environment to allow PLC to manage VLAN-based subinterfaces.
     515 2. Follow the steps in [wiki:GpoLab/MyplcNodeDataplaneInterfaces#SetuptheplifconfigTool] on the myplc to install the plifconfig utility.
     517 3. For each planetlab node in your environment, use plifconfig (on myplc) to configure the eth1 subinterface IPs:
     518   A. Configure the base `eth1` interface:
     520sudo plifconfig add -n <plnode_fqdn> -i -m -d eth1 --mac <plnode_eth1_macaddr>
     522   B. Configure the VLAN subinterface on `eth1`:
     524sudo plifconfig add -n <plnode_fqdn> -i -m -d eth1 --vlan <of_vlan>
     526   C. Configure each of the 10 subinterface IPs which the Hello GENI topology uses:
     528for subnet in 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110; do
     529sudo plifconfig add -n <plnode_fqdn> -i 10.42.$subnet.<plnode_exp_lastoct> -m -d eth1 --vlan <of_vlan> --alias 42$subnet
     532   D. Verify that the configuration looks correct on the myplc.  Here is sample output from a GPO lab node; yours should look similar, with the appropriate IPs and MAC addresses:
     534$ sudo plifconfig list -n
     537        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750
     538        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750:42101
     539        IP: HWaddr: 00:1b:21:4b:3f:ad Device: eth1
     540        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750:42102
     541        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1710
     542        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750:42105
     543        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750:42110
     544        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750:42106
     545        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750:42104
     546        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750:42109
     547        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750:42108
     548        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750:42107
     549        IP: HWaddr:                   Device: eth1.1750:42103
     551   E. Verify that ifconfig on the node itself reports that all of these interfaces are up, and have IPs assigned.
    491555== Install Static ARP Tables for Experimental Topology ==