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    4343  ''At first glance, it may appear that the GENI federation and its governance entities have no legal responsibilities of their own since "GENI" owns virtually no infrastructure and researchers are ultimately responsible for the actions of their individual experiments. While both statements are true, there is a subtlety here as (1) lawyers, law enforcement and regulatory agencies (LLR) do not know this, and (2) no one party necessarily has all the information to address inquiries from these entities. Therefore, collaboration will be necessary to resolve some LLR issues and the need for a plan to handle such requests is established.  This document begins by further motivating this need with several scenarios or use cases, some based on previous experience in other federations and testbeds. These scenarios also drive the need for proactive measures, such as, having a simple mechanism to reach slice owners and heading off future DMCA requests which could discourage campus participation in GENI. Finally, it becomes clear that someone is needed to fulfill a facilitator role to help route LLR requests to the appropriate parties when a single institution is unable to address the request it receives entirely on its own.''[[br]]
    4444  This document was reviewed and approved by the Ops Agreements meeting at GEC10 (see [wiki:GEC10OpsAgreements]), and is adopted for use in GENI Spiral 3.[[br]]
    4747=== GENI Aggregate Manager API ===