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Project Title

GpENI: Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation
a.k.a. GPENI

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: James P.G. Sterbenz
Co-PI: Joseph B. Evans
Co-PI: Deep Medhi at University of Missouri -- Kansas City
Co-PI: Byrav Ramamurthy at University of Nebraska -- Lincoln
Co-PI: Caterina Scolio and Don Gruenbacher at Kansas State University
Co-PI: Greg Monaco at Great Plains Network
Co-PI: Jeff Verrant at Ciena
Co-PI: Wesley Kaplow at Qwest

Participating Organizations

The University of Kansas - Lawrence, KS
Kansas State University – Manhattan, KS
University of Missouri – Kansas City, MO
University of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE
Great Plains Network
Ciena Governement Solutions – Des Moines, IA
Qwest Government Services - Fairfax, VA
KanREN – Lawrence, KS
MOREnet – Columbia, MO


To provide an edge software defined routing infrastructure connected over a Regional Optical Network (RON) with GENI access to core optical switching equipment. GpENI belongs to the PlanetLab cluster (B).

GpENI: Purchase first Ciena switch and complete end-to-end connections with backbone
GpENI: Integrate GpENI with PlanetLab control framework
GpENI: Testbed available for limited external research
GpENI: Delivery of component manager ICD for Ciena Core Director switch
GpENI: Delivery of Ciena Core Director switch component manager interface documentation
GpENI: Collaborate with Security Team on security design
GpENI: Contribute to GENI outreach plan for Spiral 1

Project Technical Documents

Link to GpENI wiki maintained by KU

Spiral 1 Connectivity

The GpENI network is formed from the Great Plains Network which has equipment co-located at an Internet2 POP in Kansas City, MO. The connections between the DWDM equipment, the availability of the 10GBE switch and the connections to the I2 transport network are to be determined. Contact James Sterbenz for status updates.

To see a map of the GpENI network click here.

The Ciena switches are scheduled for acquisition over the three year period of performance (spiral-1 plus 2 option years). The initial switch to be purchased in spiral-1 is the Ciena Core Director located at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).

GPO Liason System Engineer

John Jacob

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