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GpENI Project Status Report

Period: 2Q09

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

None due in this quarter; significant progress made toward two milestones:

  • Purchase switch and complete end-to-end connections: first Ciena CoreDirector purchased and installed at UNL, KU node cluster installed and operational, KSU, UNL and UMKC node clusters in process of installation
  • GpENI: Integrate GpENI with PlanetLab control framework: KSU has installed MyPLC and PlanetLab nodes

B. Deliverables made

GENI Resource catalogue posted on

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

This first quarter has been devoted to planning, ordering, and installing the basic infrastructure (this activity will continue into the second quarter). Major activities included:

  • Installation of KU node cluster (10 PCs plus Ethernet switch), partial installation of KSU node cluster, identification of equipment for the UNL node clusters, and planning for the UMKC node cluster has taken place. Full node cluster details, including DNS names, IP addresses, configuration, and operational status is maintained on the Node Cluster ( wiki page. Each cluster consists of at least 5 PCs and switches:
    • control-1.<node> – node cluster controller (master controller at KU)
    • optical-switch.<node> – Ciena optical switch (UNL installed and operational, KU in planning stages)
    • vlan.<node> – Netgear GSM7224 Gigabit Ethernet switch with VLAN and SNMP capabilities
    • – MyPLC control at KSU ( backup at KU); GENIwrapper installation is in planning stages
    • geni-planetlab-n.<node> – PlanetLab nodes (at least two per node cluster); GENIwrapper installation is in planning stages
    • router-n.<node> – programmable routers
  • DNS names have been allocated to node cluster components with KU ITTC as DNS server for DNS redirects will be installed as soon as GpENI addresses become globally routable.
  • IP address allocation has been obtained from KanREN consisting of We have made the decision to make all GpENI components globally routable rather than using private IP addresses to make end-to-end GENI connectivity easier. As soon as each node cluster is physically connected to KanREN through the I2 POP in Kansas City, KanREN will reassign through ARIN. Full IP address allocation tables are maintained on the Physical Topology and Network Infrastructure ( wiki page. Each of the four node clusters will use a /24 as follows:
    • – *
    • – *
    • – *
    • – *
    • – infrastructure
  • The Ciena CoreDirector CI (CDCI) optical switch was installed at UNL in October. The Line Modules contained in the switch are 10Gbps Optical Interface, 2 Controller Modules, 160Gps XC modules, 10Gps Ethernet interface. The CDCI switch has CoreDirector 5.2.1 software version in its controller. The provisioning of the interfaces are managed through both the Node Manager software package and TL1 interface. A new Ethernet 10G Line Module and a Controller have been ordered from Ciena and they will be installed soon. Planning has begun for early acquisition of the KU Ciena optical switch.
  • Basic topologies over DRAGON GMPLS Control Plane Software were tested in a user-mode Linux environment at UNL. This involved interactions with our Cluster-B partner, the MANFRED group (Chris Tracy, MAX).
  • MyPLC and PlanetLab have been installed and are running on the KSU node cluster, and throughput and traffic characteristics measurement tests have been performed, using iperf, ping, traceroute, and tcpdump. These experiments demonstrate that PlanetLab provides a level of support for networking experiments comparable to running on dedicated hardware. KSU is beginning to investigate the use of VINI in GpENI and will determine with UMKC if VINI should be part of the programmable routers in GpENI. KSU will begin direct collaboration with Princeton in the next quarter.
  • We have begun to work with university and research network staff to arrange short-term connectivity of the node clusters, since optical switch installation is now being phased and not fully funded due to the ubiquitous budget cuts in the GENI program. This will be necessary to achieve global routability of GpENI nodes anticipated early in the next quarter.
  • KU has begun to install and test basic node cluster monitoring tools using the SNMP capabilities of the Ethernet switch.

B. Project participants

  • KU: James P.G. Sterbenz (PI); Joseph B. Evans (co-I); Ronqing Hui, Gary Minden (faculty), Egemen Çetinkaya, Abdul Jabbar, Justin P. Rohrer (GRAs); Michael Hulet, Wesley Mason, Rick McMullen, Travis Berkley, Bill Farris, Dilawar Grewal (network infrastructure)
  • KSU: Caterina Scoglio, Don Gruenbacher (co-PIs); Tricha Anjali (faculty); Yunzhao Li, Karim Morcos, John Sherrell, Nidhi Tare (GRAs); Sam Hays, Richard Becker (network infrastructure)
  • UMKC: Deep Medhi (co-PI); Baek-Young Choi (Co-I); Cory Beard, Khosrow Sohraby (faculty); Haiyang Qian (GRA), Jim Schonemann (network infrastructure)
  • UNL: Byrav Ramamurthy (co-PI); Pragatheeswaran Angu (GRA); Dale Finkelson (network infrastructure)
  • GPN: Greg Monaco (co-PI)
  • Ciena: Jeff Verrant (co-PI); Jim Archuleta (co-I); John Lankford (network infrastructure)
  • KanREN: Cort Buffington, Brad Fleming (network infrastructure)
  • MOREnet: Hank Niederhelm, PJ Clayton, Rex Peterson, Shannon Spurling (network infrastructure)

Full information on all project participants is available on the People and Institutions section of the GpENI wiki.

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

James P.G. Sterbenz, Deep Medhi, Greg Monaco, Byrav Ramamurthy, Caterina Scoglio, Baek-Young Choi, Joseph B. Evans, Don Gruenbacher, Ronqing Hui, Wesley Kaplow, Gary Minden, Jeff Verrant GpENI: Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation (Proposal) ( ITTC Technical Report ITTC-FY2009-TR-0061349-01, The University of Kansas, October 2008.

ITTC Technical Report ITTC-FY2009-TR-0061349-01, The University of Kansas, October 2008.

James P.G. Sterbenz, Joseph B. Evans, Deep Medhi, Baek-Young Choi, Jim Schonemann, Greg Monaco, Byrav Ramamurthy, Dale Finkelson, Caterina Scoglio, Don Gruenbacher, Wesley Kaplow, Jeff Verrant, Jim Archuleta

“GpENI: Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation” ( , Third GENI Engineering Conference (GEC-3), Palo Alto, CA, October 2008.

D. Outreach activities

The GpENI wiki was created and is publicly accessible to document project activities and infrastructure status.

James P.G. Sterbenz and Don Gruenbacher attended GEC-3. Presentation was given by given by Sterbenz, poster was attended by Gruenbacher and Sterbenz. A revised version of the poster will be put online soon.

E. Collaborations

  • GpENI PIs have begun participation with Cluster B coordination led by Jon Turner at Washington University
  • Byrav Ramamurthy at UNL has begun direct collaboration with Cluster-B partner Chris Tracy (MAX) in the MANFRED project to use DRAGON control plane software

F. Other Contributions

No other contributions to report.

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