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Moving Experiments from GENI-in-a-Box to ProtoGENI Aggregates

The GENI-in-a-Box aggregate is most similar to the GENI ProtoGENI aggregates. This page describes some of the similarities and differences between these aggregates.


  • All experimenter nodes have 3 NICs available to the experimenter. These are in addition to a fourth NIC that is used by the aggregate control plane.
  • Experimenters get root access to their virtual machines.
  • Virtual machines from both aggregates are implemented as OpenVZ containers running Fedora 15. The Ubuntu flavor of GENI-in-a-Box provides OpenVZ containers running Ubuntu.


  • Both GENI-in-a-Box and ProtoGENI return manifest rspecs that includes the MAC addresses and the device names associated with the network interfaces on each host. For example, see the {{{<in the snippet of a manifest rspec below, the host has a
  • Aggregate URN in rspec. Note: You can use your ProtoGENI rspec with the URN for a ProtoGENI aggregate in your GENI-in-a-Box rspec. The GENI-in-a-Box aggregate manager does not check the aggregate URN in the rspec.