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GENI-in-a-Box Tips

Creating User Accounts

GENI-in-a-Box creates an account for user 'alice' on the virtual machines created for your slice. You can replace this account with one of your choosing or add additional accounts. The following steps show how you can add an account of user 'chris':

  1. Make the following changes to the file ~/.gcf/omni_config:
    1. Look for the string users = in the file ~/.gcf/omni_config and add Chris to the list of users:
      users = Alice, Chris
  1. Look for the section that starts with gib_ch. Add to that section the lines:
  1. Look for the section # Define users here. and add the following lines to that section:
  1. Make the following changes to the file ~/.gcf/gcf-config:jj

All accounts will have the same password, stored in the file ~/.gcf/passwords of the GENI-in-a-Box account you are logged into when you start up GENI-in-a-Box.

Copying Files to/from GENI-in-a-Box

Suspending the GENI-in-a-Box Virtual Machine