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  1. Using GENI-in-a-Box

Using GENI-in-a-Box

This page describes how to install and use GENI-in-a-Box on your computer.

Installing GENI-in-a-Box

Please make sure you have VirtualBox Version 4.1.16 or later installed on your computer.

  1. Start up VirtualBox and from the VirtualBox "File" menu, select "Import Appliance...".
  1. The VirtualBox Appliance Wizard will start up and guide you through the import of the GENI-in-a-Box virtual machine image you downloaded. Please accept the default VM settings during the import.
  1. When the import is done, and entry for GENI-in-a-Box will appear in the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager window. Select this entry and click the green arrow labeled Start at the top of this window. A new window will open up and you will see Linux boot up in this window. You will automatically be logged into this Linux virtual machine when it is booted.

Getting Started