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    4949Look at the {{{Result Summary}}} from Omni.  You'll see that Omni found one aggregate available to you at URL {{{}}}.  This is the aggregate you will use to run your experiments.
    51 3. Now, let's find out the resources advertised by this aggregate using omni:
     513. Now, let's find out the resources advertised by this aggregate using omni.
    5353$ -a listresources
    127127The output of the command is the ''advertisement rspec'' from the GENI-in-a-Box aggregate.  You'll see the aggregate advertises six compute resources.   Only two are shown here for readability reasons but you will find the complete advertisement rspec [attachment:gib-advert.rspec here].  Look at the description of the first resource in the rspec.   This compute resources is an openVZ container running Fedora 15 image (or an Ubuntu 10 image if you are using the Ubuntu flavor of GENI-in-a-Box).  The  resource has four network interfaces: {{{eth0}}} through {{{eth3}}}.  {{{eth0}}} is a control interface and is not available to the experimenter.  All six compute resources advertised by this aggregate are identical.  You can therefore use this aggregate to create experiment topologies with up to six nodes and up to three links per node.
     129Notice the {{{-a}}} option to Omni that gave it the URL of the aggregate manager on which we wish to invoke {{{list resources}}}.  To save us from having to type this URL every time we use an Omni command that acts on this aggregate manager, we have defined a ''nickname'' {{{gib}}} for this aggregate.  This nickname is defined in the file {{{~/.gcf/omni_config}}}.  From now on we'll use this nickname instead of the aggregate manager URL with Omni commands that require an aggregate URL.
    129131=== 2.2 Acquire and Configure Resources ===
    288290You can [wiki:SignMeUp apply for a GENI account] and use real GENI aggregates and resources for your experiments.  See [wiki:GiB-to-ProtoGENI] for tips on moving your experiment from GENI-in-a-Box to other aggregates (and vice versa).