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     1== Call for White Papers ==
     3=== GENI Experimenters Workshop  June 29-30, 2010 Princeton University ===
     5The GENI infrastructure ([wiki:GeniExperiments]) is fast becoming mature enough to support major networking research experiments.  Getting an initial set of researchers running experiments on GENI is crucial to the success of the GENI initiative. The initial set of researchers accessing the infrastructure will have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their research ideas at scale, and under realistic conditions, leading to new experimental results and influential research publications.
     7The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers interested in running experiments on GENI to attend talks and tutorials on the GENI control framework and the current resources available on GENI.  We envision inviting 20 researcher-student pairs to the workshop, based on white papers describing the experiments they wish to conduct.  In addition to meeting the designers of different parts of GENI, the attendees will also meet representatives from NSF and from the GENI Project Office, which will be helpful in exploring whether their experiments would be a useful demonstration of the GENI infrastructure. The workshop is expected to lead to future projects and requests for NSF funding, to conduct these experiments on the GENI infrastructure.
     9Attendees will be selected by the workshop committee based on 3-page white papers (submitted by researchers at U.S.-based institutions eligible for NSF research funding) outlining a candidate experiment, how it would address a key research problem, and identifying two attendees (one a professor or researcher at a government or industrial lab, and the other a graduate student). The workshop is not about experiments using only a single resource such as PlanetLab US, ORBIT, and others. The workshop seeks experiments that would use a federated infrastructure of one kind of resource (like an experiment spanning PlanetLab US and OneLab, or multiple OpenFlow networks) or  multiple kinds of resources (e.g., two or more of PlanetLab, ProtoGENI OpenFlow, ORBIT); or a new kind of resource (e.g., SPP, BGP-Mux, OpenFlow).  The first kind of experiment stresses the control framework, the second stress interoperation across heterogenous resources, the third tests new functionality. The white papers will be selected based on the novelty of the research, proposed experiment(s) and with a goal of diverse experiments that collectively stress the breadth of components in GENI. Individual experiments must use more than one component or substrate of GENI. We will also encourage participation from researchers not previously involved in GENI to build a larger community of researchers using the infrastructure.  The program will include presentations, tutorials on GENI components, open discussion, and break-out sessions.
     11=== Important Dates ===
     13White paper submission deadline: April 26, 2010  [[BR]]
     14Acceptance notification: May 7th, 2010 [[BR]]
     15Workshop: June 29-30, 2010
     17=== Submission Instructions ===
     19Send your white paper in PDF to [] before midnight EST, April 26th, 2010. For more information send email to []. 
     21=== Workshop Co-Chairs ===
     23Jennifer Rexford, Princeton [[BR]]
     24Guru Parulkar, Stanford
     26=== Workshop Committee ===
     28Mark Berman, BBN/GPO [[BR]]
     29Victor Frost, NSF [[BR]]
     30Larry Landweber, NSF [[BR]]
     31Guru Parulkar, Stanford [[BR]]
     32Jennifer Rexford, Princeton