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     1= GENI Working Groups =
     3Working groups are the locus of technical work required to develop the GENI architecture and design. They will author and review requirements and design documents and evaluate software and services contributed by Working Group (WG) members (some of which may be sponsored by the GENI Project Office). Working groups are expected to provide input to integration activities, design bake-offs, and other prototyping tasks.
     5Emphasis is placed on technical contribution, including expression of the research community's needs and use cases, regardless of the source of financial support. Academic, industrial, and government lab participants are encouraged.
     7== Membership ==
     8All working groups are led by one or two Chairs and a System Engineer. They are overseen by the GENI Engineering Architect (GEA).
     10WG operations, decisions and their rationale will be transparent, recorded in meeting
     11minutes and open archives. WG decisions will, in general, be made by rough consensus as judged by the
     12WG chair.
     14The WG System Engineer acting as the representative of the GENI Project Office will be
     15responsible for helping the working group understand the needs and constraints of the project office and
     16the working group is expected to be responsive to these needs and constraints in their activities. In the
     17event the GPO modifies or rejects a WG recommendation, the rationale will be provided to the WG.
     19== Mailing lists and wiki pages ==
     20Working group mailing lists are hosted by the GENI Project Office. Archives for WG mailing list
     21archives will be public. In general, anyone may join any public mailing list. However, the GPO may
     22limit sending privileges of list members who, in the view of the WG chair and SE, are abusing the list.
     24GENI working groups maintain a wiki page with the names and contact information of the chair and
     25WG SE; subscription instructions for the mailing list; charter; scope; milestones; deliverables; meeting
     26schedules; and links to working and published documents.
     28== Current working groups ==
     29 * [GeniControl Control Framework Working Group]
     30 * [GeniOptIn End-user Opt-in Working Group]
     31 * [GeniServices Experiment Workflow and Services Working Group]
     32 * [GeniOmis Operations, Management, Integration, and Security Working Group]
     33 * [GeniSubstrate Substrate Working Group]
     35== See also ==
     36 * [GpoDoc Documents published by the GENI Project Office]
     37 * [SpiralOne GENI Spiral 1]