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Trust anchors for GENI aggregates

This page lists various trust anchors which GENI aggregates can use. There's a section for the authorities that the GPO recommends for all GENI aggregates, and a second section for authorities which some aggregates may want to trust in unusual circumstances.

A note on certificate types:

  • A self-signed SA certificate can be added to an aggregate's list of trusted certificates by itself --- it contains everything the aggregate needs in order to trust that slice authority
  • Trusting the self-signed CA certificate for the GENI clearinghouse should be all that is needed to complete the chain to the clearinghouse's trust root.
  • An SA certificate which was signed by a self-signed CA certificate requires the inclusion of both the SA and the CA certificates.

Recommended GENI slice authorities

As of May 2015, the GPO recommends that all GENI aggregates trust the following GENI slice authorities (aka "the GENI cert bundle"), allowing the users at those SAs to use resources at GENI racks, GENI backbone and regional networks, etc.

The table below includes links to the SA certificate file, or to both of the MA and CA certificates, for each trust anchor. You can also download the entire bundle as a compressed tar file. The md5sum for the .tar.gz file itself is b8643cb0a695ff0ce2c6683e1031d133.

Description Hostname Certificate type Certificate Expiration File/Checksum
GENI clearinghouse CA (self-signed) 2019-03-23 40c979b9477822f353027ab91dc7a296
PlanetLab Central SA (self-signed) 2016-09-04 4f0182127f4d4dc3c553d9d4a9a1a825
Utah ProtoGENI CA (self-signed) 2020-10-27 ffee3bd7ff3b7cd16ef1c10087adeee5
Utah ProtoGENI SA N/A SA (signed by Utah CA) 2020-10-28 6d7231420e411d51cb18d44d16a6f863

Refer to aggregate-specific instructions for how to configure your aggregate to trust a particular certificate.

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