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    33[[Image(welcome.png, 30%)]]
    44Next you will be asked to enter the name of the institution or organization you are affiliated with.  As you type a list of selections will appear.  Select your institution or orgainzation, then click continue.
    5 [[Image(partner.png, 100%)]]
     5[[Image(partner.png, 50%)]]
    66You will be asked to enter credentials for your institution or organization.  This is likely the same username and password that you user for other services at your institution.  Enter your credentials and then click to continue. 
    1313Choose a name for your slice.  This name needs to be unique among all the slices in GENI.  To ensure uniqueness it is recommended that the slice name begin with your username and be followed with a descriptive string.  For example, if your username was smith, you might choose a slice name of smithTmix.  Enter your slice name and a description of the slice (optional) in the text boxes, and then click the Create slice button. 
    14 [[Image(slice.png, 100%)]]
     14[[Image(slice.png, 50%)]]
    1515Assuming the slice was successfully created, you will be taken to the slice page.  Here you can add and delete resources, access various tools, and view the status of the slice.  Click on the Add Resources button to add resources to your slice. 
    1616[[Image(slicePage.png, 100%)]]
    2020On the Add resources page you can choose resources to add to your slice from a specific aggregate.  For this tutorial select the “Tmix - Two nodes, one link” resource specification and the ProtoGENI Utah aggregate.  Click the Reserve Resources button. 
    22 [[Image(resource.png, 100%)]]
     22[[Image(resource.png, 50%)]]
    2323The next page will indicate that it is reserving the requested resources.  It may take a few minutes.  Once the resources are allocated you will see a detailed list of the resources.
    24 [[Image(resources.png, 50%)]]
     24[[Image(resources.png, 20%)]]
    2525Before leaving this page, note the Login line of each of the two nodes listed.  Each login line will contain the hostname of the node, for example  You will need the hostame of both nodes later in this tutorial.  You can write them down, or return to this details page later.    Click on the Slice <slicename> link at the top of the page to return to the Slice page.  Click on Resource Status to view the detailed status of the resources.  Likely the status page will show that the hosts are not yet ready.  The resources have been allocated, but the nodes are being imaged, and booted.  This process can take up to 10 minutes. 
    26 [[Image(status.png, 100%)]]
     26[[Image(status.png, 50%)]]
    2828Once the nodes are ready you should see the status change to READY. 
    29 [[Image(status2.png, 100%)]]
     29[[Image(status2.png, 50%)]]
    3131You now ready to log in to your nodes and run Tmix.  Please continue on the main Tutorial page.