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    3737ls /opt/tmix-1.2/data
    39 Each file with the .tcvec extension contains connection vectors (or c-vecs).  The connection vectors list attributes of a set of connections that are a part of the network traffic we wish to emulate.  There is a separate file for the connect
     39At run-time Tmix "replays" the exchanges encoded in a set of connection vectors (or c-vecs).  The connection vectors are extracted from traffic captured on a real network link.  A set of connection vectors is described by with a pair of tcvec files (labeled cinit.tcvec and crecv.tcvec).  These two files correspond to connections that are initiated on either side of the link on which the traffic data was originally captured.  Since all of the traffic crossing a busy link cannot generally be replayed using a single pair of nodes, it is customary to split the connection vectors into N pairs of tcvec files.  Most of the files displayed in the listing are named 1ofN.crecv.tcvec.  This is a single pair of connection vector files obtained by evenly splitting the original set of connection vectors into N parts.  For example, running tmix with the pair of files, 1of10.crecv.tcvec and 1of10.cinit.tcvec, will replay about 1/10th the traffic originally recorded on the link.   
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