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    1010== How does Tmix work? ==
    1111The Tmix system takes as input a TCP/IP packet header trace file captured from a network link of interest.  This trace is
    12 reverse-compiled into a connection vector (or cvec) file, which is a source-level characterization of each TCP connection present in the trace. Tmix then uses this information to emulate the socket-level behavior of the source application that created the corresponding connection in the trace. The resulting traffic generation is statistically representative of the traffic measured on the real link.
     12then compiled into a set of connection vectors, each of which represent a TCP connection of the trace, including the relative start time of the connection.  Each connection vector is further divided into epochs, which represent the individual request/response interactions and wait times within the connections.   At run-time Tmix uses this information to initiate TCP connections for each connection vector at the appropriate times.  These TCP connections are then controlled to read and write the correct amount of data to/from their sockets, and then sleep before continuing to simulate the next epoch.  The result is traffic which is statistically similar to that observed on the real link. 
    1414== Where can I find more details about Tmix? ==