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    1717= Substrate-WG Contents =
     18Eventually, the GENI substrate design will be driven by specific requirements derived from desired GENI slice capabilities that address the research needs spelled out in the GENI Science Plan.  At the same time, it is important that GENI capabilities reflect the state-of-the-art in the GENI time frame in terms of network services and component technology performance. This calls for both a bottom up and a top down approach to define GENI components and resources.  The substrate working group is developing a component and resource list based on currently available and emerging technology (bottom-up)and use cases (top down).
     20== Components and Resources ==
     21Components are individual collective computing and networking devices/systems which use power or take up space.  Components represent the main building blocks of GENI.  Resources are abstractions of the shareable capabilities of a component, e.g. spectrum, bandwidth, links, memory, CPUs, etc.   We aim to generate a component/resource list that includes all the fundamental building blocks we are aware of today, whether from commercial experience, or existing network testbeds.  At the same time, traditional network resources are expanding to include e.g. computers and storage clusters, and traditional service offerings are diversifying.  It follows that researchers will expect a rich menu from which to compose their slices.  As such, we encourage broad thinking for this initial component/resource list, and strive for an "overly complete" list. In this early design phase, we are calling upon the substrate working group to help generate this list of [SubstrateResources GENI components and resources].  Please contribute. 
    20 We are working on a complete list of [SubstrateResources GENI resources].  Please contribute.
     23== Use Cases ==
    2425Click on [UseCases Substrate Working Group Use Cases] to contribute to use cases for the substrate working group.
    4243People should also view the document "Building GENI: It's Time to Start", presented at the GEC: [].  Tip:  use your browser back button to return to the Wiki after you have viewed the doc.
     45To keep current with GENI terminology definitions, please visit