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    1212When you subscribe to a GENI working group mailing list (such as [ substrate-wg]), you also get a wiki account that uses the same username and password.  You should get an email letting you know when the wiki account is created, which allows you to login and start contributing.  The "login" link is at the top of this page.  The login works for all GENI working group pages.
    2628Some GENI topics overlap the intersts of more than one working group.  Here's the substrate group's table of what information we'd like to exchange with other working groups to help clarify substrate design issues.  We'd like to see other working group members review and add to the [SubstrateOverlap Common Interests] table.
     30= Substrate-WG Background =
     32The substrate working group was formed in early October 2007.  Prior to that time, the GENI planning group generated a series of documents that provide some background on the GENI substrate.  While these GENI Design Documents (GDD) may not reflect the most up-to-date "GENI thinking", they do convey important GENI concepts and principles from a number of different perspectives.  GDD's may be downloaded at [].  References to substrate can be found in most all of the GDDs, however, the following documents are particularly relevant to substrate activities:
     34 * Tom Anderson, Larry Peterson, Scott Shenker, Jonathan Turner, "Overcoming the Internet Impasse Through Virtualization," GENI Design Document 05-01, April 2005.
     35 * Daniel J. Blumenthal, John E. Bowers, Craig Partridge (Eds), "Report of NSF Workshop on Mapping a Future for Optical Networking and Communications," GENI Design Document 05-03, July 2005.
     36 * Larry Peterson (Ed), "GENI Design Principles," GENI Design Document 06-08, GENI Planning Group, March 2006 (updated August 2006).
     37 * Joe Evans, Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Sanjoy Paul, "Overview of Wireless, Mobile and Sensor Networks in GENI," GENI Design Document 06-14, Wireless Working Group, September 2006.
     38 * Jennifer Rexford (Ed), "GENI Backbone Run-Time Software for Experimenters," GENI Design Document 06-36, Backbone Working Group, November 2006.
     40Background information is also available in the presentations made at the Substrate Working Group meeting held at the first Geni Engineering Conference, the presentation and audio from the session may be downloaded at [].
     42People should also view the document "Building GENI: It's Time to Start", presented at the GEC: [].  Tip:  use your browser back button to return to the Wiki after you have viewed the doc.