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     1= GENI Substrate Working Group =
     3This is the GENI Substrate Working Group wiki.  Please contribute!
     4Joe Evans [] and Kristin Rauschenbach [] are the working group chairs. 
     5John Jacob [] is the working group system engineer.
     6To find out what the Substrate working group does, browse these pages and read the [ working group charter].  If you have comments or suggestions on the charter, please send them to the [ substrate-wg mailing list].  If you have comments or suggestions about these pages, feel free to log in and improve their content.  To view past archives of the mailing list, see the [ mailman archive] or the [ nabble archive.
     9= Substrate-WG Announcements =
     12If you subscribed to the GENI announcement list (``), you should also have a wiki account.  The username is your e-mail address, and the password is your Mailman list password for `geni-announce`. 
     15= Substrate-WG Contents =
     18We are working on a complete list of [SubstrateResources GENI resources].  Please contribute.
     22Click on [UseCases Substrate Working Group Use Cases] to contribute to use cases for the substrate working group.
     26Some GENI topics overlap the intersts of more than one working group.  Here's the substrate group's table of what information we'd like to exchange with other working groups to help clarify substrate design issues.  We'd like to see other working group members review and add to the [SubstrateOverlap Common Interests] table.