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     3= GENI Stitching Computation Service =
     5The GENI Stitching Computation Service (SCS) was developed by the [ Mid-Atlantic Crossroads] (MAX) and is currently being run as a GENI production service.  The [ SCS] software provides GENI Network Stitching path information between GENI sites.  GENI Network stitching primarily refers to the interconnect of VLAN-based Ethernets via the GENI Aggregate Manager API. The GENI Production SCS is used by the GENI Portal and Omni tools to determine available paths between experimenters specified GENI sites. The GENI Production SCS is available at:
     7 - - Secure and authenticate supported by GCF 2.8 or higher.
     9In addition, a test SCS system is available for early GENI evaluations and deployments.  The test SCS is run by the [ Mid-Atlantic Crossroads] (MAX) Development team and is available at:
     11 -
     14=== Contact ===
     16Submit issues or questions about the GENI Production/Development SCS by sending email to [].
     19= Stitching Service Details =
     21The GENI SCS was developed by [ MAX] and provides path information to applications that create slivers between GENI sites. The service also track VLAN delegation for all GENI sites that support stitching. For a list of VLANs delegated by all aggregates supporting stitching see the [ Delegated GENI Stitching VLANs] page. Also any [wiki:GeniAggregate GENI aggregate] that supports stitching provides information details in its [wiki:GeniAggregate GENI aggregate] page details.
     23== Stitching Connections to GENI End-points  ==
     25Using GENI credentials, or credentials from an [ InCommon] identity provider, users can request GENI resources using any tools that supports stitching, such as ([ GCF stitcher], [ GENI Portal jFed or Jacks tools], and via [ jFed at iMinds]. Production GENI sites that support stitching and are known to the [wiki:GeniSite/SCS] are documented in the [wiki:GeniNetworkStitchingSites GENI Network Stitching Sites] page.
     27== Stitching Path details ==
     29The SCS supplies paths and VLAN information for all sites listed at [wiki:GeniNetworkStitchingSites GENI Network Stitching Sites]. Path chosen may include one or more of the following network aggregates: AL2S, MAX, and PG Utah (University of Utah sites only). For a list of VLANs that have been delegate for GENI stitching use see the [ Delegated GENI Stitching VLANs] page.
     31Path details are not captured here as they are continuously expanding. GENI site aggregates and GENI network aggregates can be queried for their resource Advertisements, which can be used to determine switch connection details and available VLANs.
     33== Topology Information ==
     35For a list of known stitching aggregate refer to the the [wiki:GeniNetworkStitchingSites GENI Network Stitching Sites] page or simply use the omni tool to get a list of known aggregates. 
     37== VLAN Translation ==
     39The GENI SCS supports interactions with the AL2S and MAX network aggregates, and all these network aggregates support VLAN translation.
     41= Connection Inventory =
     43For a list of AL2S sites connections that are used for GENI stitching see the Network Stitching sections for:
     44  - [wiki:GeniAggregate/I2AL2S#GENINetworkStitching AL2S aggregate]
     50<a href="[iMinds SCS] iMinds SCS question">Email us</a> with questions and feedback on this page!