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GENI Experiment Workflow and Services Working Group (services-wg)


Scope: What do experimenter-users need from GENI? Consider planning, scheduling, running, debugging, analyzing experiments; long running experiments & how they grow; archiving data.

Chairs: Jeannie Albrecht and James Griffioen

GPO System Engineer: Vic Thomas

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Meetings: The working group meets face-to-face at the GECs. Notes from the most recent WG meeting held on Nov. 17 at the 6th GEC are here.

WG Announcements

Presentations made the WG meeting at GEC6 are now available on-line.


This working group is the focal point for defining the tools and services needed by researchers doing experiments on GENI. Spiral 2 will focus on understanding specific needs of the experiments planned for this spiral and work with tool and control framework developers to ensure the necessary tools and services are in place.

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