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GENI Experiment Workflow and Services Working Group (services-wg)


Scope: What do experimenter-users need from GENI? Consider planning, scheduling, running, debugging, analyzing experiments; long running experiments & how they grow; archiving data.

Chair: Jeff Chase

GPO System Engineer: Vic Thomas

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WG Announcements

Minutes of the WG meeting at the GEC 3 and presentations made this meeting are now available on-line.


This working group is the focal point for defining the interfaces, services, and tools supported by GENI. In particular, we focus on the services that GENI must support to meet the needs of researchers.

To that end, we are fleshing out the various stages of the workflow for researchers using GENI. These stages include defining and acquiring a slice, configuring the slice for an experiment, assembling and launching the software used in the experiment, monitoring and controlling the experiment as it runs, collecting and archiving experiment results, and storing and sharing experiment building blocks and configurations. Please contribute.

Experiment Lifecycle Document

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Links to WG Meeting Minutes and Presentations

Links to WG Meeting Presentations at GEC4, April 1, 2009, Miami, FL

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