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GENI Experiment Workflow and Services Working Group (services-wg)

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Please attend working group session at the GEC 2 on March 4 at 10:45 AM. We will discuss the essential service requirements motivated by the use cases, a new subgroup structure for the working group, and relationships to other working groups. Please post on the mailing list or e-mail the working group chairs if there is an issue you would like to discuss. In particular, if you submitted a proposal to the GPO, please bring forward any issues your proposal raises for this working group.


This working group is the focal point for defining the interfaces, services, and tools supported by the GENI facility. In particular, we focus on the services that the facility must support to meet the needs of researchers.

To that end, we are fleshing out the various stages of the workflow for researchers using GENI. These stages include defining and acquiring a slice, configuring the slice for an experiment, assembling and launching the software used in the experiment, monitoring and controlling the experiment as it runs, collecting and archiving experiment results, and storing and sharing experiment building blocks and configurations. Please contribute.

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