Tendrils to the Services/Substrate WG

See Substrate Overlap, Notes From Substrate WG meeting 10/10/07

Summary of what Substrate needs from Services Group:

  • Need the workflow cases to extend down into the substrate.
  • GIMS (GENI instrumentation and measurement system), management hooks for researchers: need desires from Services.
  • Resource requirements: descriptions, granularity, parameters, etc.
  • Programmability requirements: what level of control, granularity, dependencies, interfaces, which resources are invoked and which are programmable?
  • What do requests look like, how are services bundled?
  • Are things invoked, or programmed?

Substrate provides to Services:

  • What resources are available to slices.
  • What level of programmability is possible on different components and their associated resources.


  • Measurement is a triangle between substrate/OMIS/services
  • Substrate supports collection of measurements and a place to keep the results
  • Services tells us how much and when, and then OMIS gets involved.
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