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GENI Operations, Management, Integration, and Security Working Group ()

This is the OMIS working group wiki. Heidi Picher Dempsey is the working group chair. To find out what the Substrate working group does, browse these pages and read the working group charter. If you have comments or suggestions on the charter, please send them to the omis-wg mailing list. If you have comments or suggestions about these pages, feel free to log in and improve their content. To view past archives of the mailing list, see the mailman archive or the nabble archive.

OMIS Announcements

OMIS met for the first time on 10/09/07. Listen to the audio on the GENI Engineering Conference page, and discuss on the mailing list.

The substrate and services working groups both have draft lists that need OMIS input: substrate's Resource List and Services' usage scenarios. Please comment on the mailing lists, or edit the draft wiki pages.

OMIS Work-in-Progress

What are your top 10 operations problems with networks today? What do you forsee for GENI operations problems? Contribute to our draft "Top 10" Ops list to let potential GENI contributors know what problems need GENI's attention most.