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     1= GENI Operations, Management, Integration, and Security Working Group () =
     3This is the OMIS working group wiki.  Heidi Picher Dempsey [] is the working group chair.  To find out what the Substrate working group does, browse these pages and read the [ working group charter].  If you have comments or suggestions on the charter, please send them to the [ omis-wg mailing list].  If you have comments or suggestions about these pages, feel free to log in and improve their content.  To view past archives of the mailing list, see the [ mailman archive] or the [ nabble archive].
     6== OMIS Announcements ==
     8OMIS met for the first time on 10/09/07.  Listen to the audio on the [ GENI Engineering Conference] page, and discuss on the mailing list.
     10The substrate and services working groups both have draft lists that need OMIS input:  substrate's [ Resource List] and Services' [ usage scenarios].  Please comment on the mailing lists, or edit the draft wiki pages.
     13== OMIS Work-in-Progress ==
     16What are your top 10 operations problems with networks today? What do you forsee for GENI operations problems? Contribute to our draft [OperationsIssues "Top 10" Ops list to let potential GENI contributors know what problems need GENI's attention most].