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New to GENI?

This page will contain links and other useful information to help new folks get going on the project.

System Overview

A high-level, narrative overview of the shape of the GENI suite of infrastructure. pdf (Sept08)

The GENI Project Office

An introduction to the GPO and development approach planned for GENI. pdf (Sept08)

GENI Science Plan

Discussion of how GENI will be used for research and some requirements for the suite of infrastructure. pdf (Sept06)

Design Principles

Goals for the GENI design. pdf (June06)

Working Groups

The structure and governance of GENI working groups are discussed here. And the current list of working groups can be found here. (Sept07)

Tutorial on the GENI Architecture

At the 1st GENI Engineering Conference, John Wroclawski gave a very nice tutorial on the GENI architecture which is available as a QuickTime movie. (Oct07)