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University of Michigan Stitching Confirmation Tests

This pages capture the detailed test logs for each test defined in the New Site Stitching Confirmation Tests page. For the sites status see the New Site Stitching Confirmation Tests Status page.

IG-ST-1 New Site to GPO IG topology

The University of Michigan site advertises the following stitching details:

<stitching xmlns="" lastUpdateTime="2016-02-10T19:15:43Z" >
<aggregate id="" url="
<lifetime id="life">
    <start type="time">2016-02-10T19:15:43Z</start>
    <end type="time">2016-02-10T19:15:43Z</end>
<node id="">
  <port id="">
    <link id="">

Experimenter may not need any of this data, but it is helpful to reference when trying to determine how many VLANs are delegated for stitching at the site or how much bandwidth can be requested.

Create a slice and then create the stitched slivers with the RSpec IG-ST-1-al2s.rspec:

$ stitcher createsliver IG-ST-1 ./IG-ST-1-al2s.rspec --defaultCapacity=20000 -o
13:28:49 INFO    : Configured logging from file /home/lnevers/geni-tools-2.10/src/gcf/stitcher_logging.conf
13:28:50 INFO    : Reading slice IG-ST-1 credential...
13:28:50 INFO    : Slice expires on 2016-02-26 13:21:46 UTC
13:28:50 INFO    : Calling SCS...
13:28:51 INFO    : Multi-AM reservation will include resources from these aggregates:
13:28:51 INFO    : 	<Aggregate gpo-ig>
13:28:51 INFO    : 	<Aggregate al2s>
13:28:51 INFO    : 	<Aggregate umich-ig>
13:28:51 INFO    : Stitcher doing createsliver at <Aggregate gpo-ig>...
13:29:07 INFO    : ... Allocation at <Aggregate gpo-ig> complete.
13:29:07 INFO    : Stitcher doing createsliver at <Aggregate umich-ig>...
13:29:28 INFO    : ... Allocation at <Aggregate umich-ig> complete.
13:29:29 INFO    : Stitcher doing createsliver at <Aggregate al2s>...
13:29:33 INFO    : ... Allocation at <Aggregate al2s> complete.
13:29:33 INFO    : All aggregates are complete.
13:29:33 INFO    : Your resources expire at 2016-02-25T18:18:51 (UTC). 
13:29:33 INFO    : Saved combined reservation RSpec at 3 AM(s) to file '/home/lnevers/gcf-test/stitch-test/UMICH/IG-ST-1-manifest-rspec-multiam-combined.xml'
Success: Reserved resources in slice IG-ST-1 at 3 Aggregates (including 1 intermediate aggregate(s) not in the original request), creating 1 stitched link(s).

Determined login information at each UMICH and GPO aggregate:

$ IG-ST-1 --useSliceAggregates 
ig-gpo's geni_status is: ready 
User lnevers logs in to ig-gpo using:
	ssh -p 34618  -i /home/lnevers/.ssh/geni_cert_portal_key

ig-umich's geni_status is: ready 
User lnevers logs in to ig-umich using:
	ssh -p 30266  -i /home/lnevers/.ssh/geni_cert_portal_key