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Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) Stitching Confirmation Tests

This pages capture the detailed test logs for each test defined in the New Site Stitching Confirmation Tests page. For the sites status see the New Site Stitching Confirmation Tests Status page.

IG-ST-1 New Site to GPO IG topology

The CENIC site advertises the following stitching details:

Experimenter may not need any of this data, but it is helpful to reference when trying to determine how many VLANs are delegated for stitching at the site or how much bandwidth can be requested.

Create a slice and then create the stitched slivers with the RSpec IG-ST-1-al2s.rspec: createslice IG-ST-1 createsliver IG-ST-1 IG-ST-1-al2s.rspec -o

Determined login information at each CENIC and GPO aggregate:

$ IG-ST-1 -a cenic-ig

$ IG-ST-1 -a gpo-ig

IG-ST-2 New Site to GPO IG Loop topology

IG-ST-3 IG-ST-3 New Site 3 node linear topology

IG-ST-4 New Site to GPO EG interoperability

IG-ST-5 Site Information

IG-ST-6 New Site OpenFlow topology