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    77[wiki:GEC10Stitching GEC10 meeting]
    9 Much work remains on this topic though.
     9== GEC10 Stitching Engineering Meeting ==
     11At GEC10, there was a community discussion of how to reserve network connections between aggregates. ( This is a summary of the results of that session.
     13Tom Lehman of ISI presented a common stitching architecture proposal. By the end of the meeting, the community agreed to this
     14architecture. We agreed that many details are left to discuss, and we hope to formally accept a stitching API at GEC11.
     16The architecture is based on a common schema and 6 functions, fully described here: Tom Lehman also outlined various deployment choices. Each alternative would locate those functions in ways that map the architecture to how things are currently done in ProtoGENI, Orca, and !OpenFlow.
     18=== Community Agreement ===
     19The session concluded with community agreement on three points:
     20 - GENI stitching will follow the described architecture
     21 - Details will be worked out
     22 - Next steps as outlined below
     24=== Next steps ===
     25 - Schema: Jon Duerig of ProtoGENI is iterating on a PG-compatible stitching schema that preserves ION compatibility.
     26 - Functions: The community will continue discussion points as described below, particularly working out how chain & tree interoperate, and working though some use cases.
     27 - API to be proposed for adoption at GEC11
     28 - Interoperability demonstration at GEC12
     30=== Architecture Summary ===
     31The architecture and information model is inspired by IETF GMPLS and PCE (, adapted to the GENI environment.  This proposal starts mostly at layer 2. The key thing is to view aggregates as a topology.  Aggregates must advertise connection points in an RSpec in a common format to permit functions to compute paths across aggregates.
     33There are 6 components in the architecture:
     34 - stitching resource elements
     35 - schema
     36 - topology service
     37 - path computation function
     38 - workflow function
     39 - AM API extension