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Monitoring & Management

Monitoring focuses on areas of shared interest across GENI:

  1. Tools to aid people with responsibilities (e.g. campuses who have signed the aggregate agreement)
  2. Lower burden on monitoring done multiple places (e.g. monitoring MyPLC happens at lots of campuses)
  3. Coordination when we rely on each other (e.g. debugging a VLAN path across multiple networks)
  4. Monitoring that is truly GENI-wide (e.g. GMOC DB is currently acting as a shared repo of data)
  5. Monitoring of GENI racks

Management focuses on the ability to control GENI resources (in particular GENI racks).

As GENI scales during Spiral 4, monitoring and management will mature in a manner that scales to include new campuses and new racks.

GEC 11 Monitoring Mini-Workshop focused exclusively on what is required in the short term.

Starting with the lead up to GEC12, discussion is expanding to management and developing a longer term software monitoring plan.

Spiral 4 schedule leverages existing software to define long-term requirements for monitoring/mgmt software:

  • At GEC12: Agree on long-term requirements for monitoring/mgmt software
  • At GEC13: Agree on APIs & Architecture
  • GEC14: Working software
  • GEC15: deploy mature monitoring at many campuses/racks