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    33An effort is underway to define and document a first view of the GENI Instrumentation and Measurements Architecture.
     7+  Provide a comprehensive and ordered list of topics that must be addressed for a complete architecture[[BR]]
     8+  Identify the priority topics that the WG needs to address first[[BR]]
     9+  Pull together contributions by the WG though Spiral 2[[BR]]
     13+  Now :  v0.1 DRAFT completed, by GPO;  see [[BR]]
     14+  By GEC8:  v0.5 draft, by GPO, with contributions from WG[[BR]]
     15+  By GEC9:  v1.0 draft, reviewed by WG[[BR]]
    518A first DRAFT (v0.1) has been completed by the GPO, and is attached below.
     19[  slides] [[BR]]
     20[  GENI I&M Architecture document] (15min) [[BR]]
     22This v0.1 DRAFT includes proposed I&M services and a proposed configuration [[BR]]
     25Document outline:[[BR]]
     261.  Document Scope[[BR]]
     272.  Introduction[[BR]]
     283.  Definition and configuration of I&M services[[BR]]
     294.  Interfaces, protocols and schema for Measurement Data (MD)[[BR]]
     305.  Ownership of MD and privacy of owners[[BR]]
     316.  Interfaces, protocols and APIs for using I&M services[[BR]]
     327.  Basic GENI I&M use cases[[BR]]
     338.  MD transport via the GENI Measurement Plane[[BR]]
     349.  Discovery, authorization, assignment and binding of GENI I&M services[[BR]]
     3510.  Measurement Orchestration (MO) service[[BR]]
     3611.  Measurement Point (MP)[[BR]]
     3712.  Time-stamping MD[[BR]]
     3813. Measurement Collection (MC) service[[BR]]
     3914.  Measurement Analysis and Presentation (MAP) service[[BR]]
     4015.  Measurement Data Archive (MDA) service[[BR]]
     4116.  Additional GENI I&M use cases[[BR]]
    745The community is invited to review this draft and provide comments, additions or changes to the Inst&Meas WG SE, Harry Mussman, at
    9 This document will be reviewed at the Inst&Meas WG meeting at GEC7.
     47This document was reviewed at the Inst&Meas WG meeting at GEC7.