GENI I&M Tools: Demonstrations and Tutorials

The GENI I&M Capabilities Catalog identified several available tools at the start of Spiral 2. Throughout Spiral 2, these tools have continued to mature, and several were ready for use by the beginning of Spiral 3.

Tutorials covering four available tools were given in the 3rd I&M Workshop at GEC9, and one was given at GEC10.

INSTOOLS: Instrumenting and Monitoring Slices

Jim Griffioen and Hussamuddin Nasir (University of Kentucky) Slides

OML Tutorial

Jolyon White (NICTA) Slides

LAMP (perfSONAR) Tutorial

Martin Swany and Guilherme Fernandes (University of Delaware) Tutorial

OnTimeMeasure Tutorial

Prasad Calyam (The Ohio State University) Slides

Measurement Data Archive Tutorial

MeasurementData Archive (MDA) prototype design
GENI Proposed Services Poster CNRI displayed this poster during the GEC10 held in San Juan, PR
Link to Measurement Data Archive Prototype
Measurement Data Archive Prototype Video A video demonstration of the MDA Prototype

The community is invited to start using these tools, and provide comments, additions or changes to their developers.

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