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GENI Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) Tools


GPO System Engineer: Harry Mussman

GPO Software Engineer: Jeanne Ohren

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Provide GENI with broad data gathering, analysis and archival capability that is sufficient for scientific mission, operations, and success of the infrastructure.


Remove the burden on the GENI researcher to become a system and network measurement infrastructure expert so that the researcher can better focus on the science in their experiments

Follow the defined I&M architecture, to facilitate reuse and thus continued development of instrumentation and measurement tools


Two large I&M projects (GIMI and GEMINI) were approved in Sol 3 to provide comprehensive I&M tools; these projects include the groups that have provided the OML, INSTOOLS and LAMP/perfSONAR tools

SOWs for the remaining Year 3 of Sol 2 I&M projects have been re-focused on key topics that need to be resolved

Several "design topic teams" have been assembled to resolve key issues

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