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     1'''Project Number'''
     5'''Project Title'''
     7Use Case Scenarios for promoting GENI at four-year Colleges and Minority Institutions [[BR]]
     8GENIFourYearColleges [[BR]]
     9a.k.a. GENI4YR [[BR]]
     11'''Technical Contacts'''
     13Principal Investigator: Pierre F.Tiako[[BR]]
     16'''Participating Organizations'''
     18Langston University, OK
     22Working with the GPO during the first year, Langston University (LU) team involved in this project will assess the substrate resources offered in spiral-1 and help to define potential experiment scenarios which could serve as topics of interest to four year colleges and minority institutions. We will also use the capabilities offered in the spiral-1 prototype facility to shape and propose use-case scenarios. Within the second year, LU team involving undergraduate research assistant students will apply one of the use-case scenarios and actually conduct a (limited scope) experiment on the prototype facility using one of the prototype GENI control frameworks.
     27[milestone:"GENI4YR: Survey of research and education experiments"] [[BR]]
     28[milestone:"GENI4YR: Identify spiral-1 supported experiments"] [[BR]]
     29[milestone:"GENI4YR: Deliver Use-case Scenario(s)"] [[BR]]
     31'''Project Technical Documents'''
     33  ''Links to wiki pages for the project's technical documents go here.  List should include any document in the working groups, as well as other useful documents.  Projects may have a full tree of wiki pages here.''
     35'''Spiral 1 Connectivity'''
     37There is no connectivity requirement for year-1 in this project.
     39'''GPO Liason System Engineer'''
     41John Jacob
     43'''Related Projects'''
     45  ''[http://URL Project-Name]  Includes non-GENI projects.''