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     1= Progress Report for the GENI Experiment Engine: GEC 19 =
     3== Contract Deliverables ==
     5- Submitted design document to GPO on GEE Filesystem Design
     7- Submitted design document to GPO on GEE Network Design
     9- Submitted design document to GPO on GEE Message System Design
     11- Demonstrated GENI Experiment Engine Slicelet Creation, experimental run, and teardown in under five minutes at GEC-19
     13== Technical Progress ==
     15- Preallocated four-node InstaGENI PlanetLab slicelets as GENI Experiment Engine Slicelets
     17- Developed demonstration-quality webserver to allocate and reclaim GENI Experiment Engine Slicelets, using Google-based authentication
     19- Integrated Swift storage engine with Syndicate meta-data server
     21- Developed architecture for creation of use-once ("burner") slice credentials and delivery of credentials to user
     23- Integrated Fabric as deployment and experiment execution engine
     25- Established a Github repository for GEE code [[]]
     27== Ongoing Issues ==
     29- We are highly reliant on GENI VLANs for the networking elements of the GENI Experiment Engine, and we need a guarantee that the VLANs that we allocate will be stable over, essentially, the lifetime of GENI -- at a minimum, we require some notice before a VLAN is torn down
     31- Need to continually renew the GEE slice on GENI, and reallocate slivers.  The GEE, particularly the GEE Compute Engine, is designed as a set of long-running, stable services, not short-run experiments.
     33== Outreach Activities ==
     35- Rick !McGeer "Distributed Clouds" keynote presentation at workshop in Dresden
     37- Rick !McGeer "Distributed Clouds" seminars at TU-Berlin and TU-Kaiserslautern
     39- Rick !McGeer "Distributed Clouds" lecture at San Jose State University
     41- GENI Experiment Engine presentation at GEC-19
     43== Plans for GEC 20 ==
     45- Bring filesystem and message system to demo-quality implementation
     47- Expand range of actions offered through the website -- show user slicelet status, permit recovery of credential zip file
     49- Remove a number of security holes in website -- user email passed in plain-text parameter, in particular.
     51- Add hook to permit user to automatically report a bug to GEE team
     53- Recruit a small number of experimenters to participate in GEE beta program
     55- Investigate design alternatives for GEE Slicelet hosts.  We currently run in PlanetLab nodes, but could potentially do this in OpenVZ ProtoGENI images, and/or !OpenCloud images
     57- Investigate sharing raw PC with VTS.  Currently, we need one raw PC per rack, and so does Nick for VTS. That's 40% of the capacity of an InstaGENI rack, which is an excessive use of resources.  In both of our cases, we don't need a full PC; we just can't live in a VM.