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Login to GeniDesktop

Follow instructions on this page to get logged in.

Create a Slice

Follow instructions on this page to see how to perform this step.

You can also use an existing slice that does not have resources already too.

Allocate Resources

1. Using GENIDesktop

Once you have created the slice successfully , you should will be redirected to page that talks with allocating resources. If you plan to use an existing slice with no resources in it, then just click on the slicename in the list of slices you see after you logged in.

To see how to do this in the GENIDesktop, please see this page

NOTE: If you already have a slice with resources allocated (using Omni or Jacks in the GENI Portal) already, you can still use that slice by following the instructions from this page.

2. Using Other Tools

Waiting for slice and resources to become ready

Once you allocate your resources, you are redirected to your slice specific GENIDesktop page. On this page you can view your resources being allocated indicated by the colored status of the nodes where

  • Yellow mean OS Loading/booting
  • Red means Failed
  • Green mean Ready

Once all of the nodes are in a READY State you will notice the status window displaying a status of Initializing followed by Instrumentizing. To understand what these mean and preview of what these look like go to this page? . Once the instrumentation phase is complete you can proceed.

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