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To login to the GENIDesktop

Go to the GENIDesktop Web Page

Open a browser (Preferably Firefox or Google Chrome) Go to and follow the arrows to walk though the login process.

Authorize the GENIDesktop to act on your behalf

Technically you don't "login" to the GENIDesktop. Instead, you authorize the GENIDesktop to perform operations on your behalf (like creating slices, reserving nodes, etc.). This is the GENI-approved way for tools like the GENIDesktop to act on your behalf. To authorize the GENIDesktop, you first must specify where you obtained your GENI account. For most people, this will be the GENI Portal identified by the GENI icon on the right.

Select your home university or organization

Type in or Select from the Drop Down the name of the University, College or Organization you belong to (You may be prompted to authenticate with your University, College or Organization )

Give the GENIDesktop permission to interact with your slice on your behalf

Please wait after this while your Authorization is being Validated by the GENI Clearing House.

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