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     3Navigation: [wiki:GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/GENIDesktop/Execute#Step5:GENIDesktopFeatures Back to GENIDesktop Features]
     5= Topology Validation Module =
     7This modules can be used if you need to check the state of your slice. In simple terms, you may just want to check if all the interfaces are up and running and the end to end connectivity between the interfaces on each end of the link works. For a simple ping test for all interfaces and nodes, follow the below steps.
     9 1. Click on '''Validation''' button in the top left side of the page.
     10 2. Click on the '''Open Validation''' button in the small window that shows up in the figure below,
     14 3. Then click on green colored  '''Start Validation''' button. This action will start probing all nodes and interfaces. A green cell in the table produced means everything is okay; yellow means a partial failure; red means a total failure. If all goes well, you should see something like the figure below.
     18 4. Now let us manually bring down an interface. Log into one of the nodes in your slice . We will use the [wiki:ssh SSH Module] to do this. To bring the interface down we do "sudo ifconfig eth1 down" where eth1 is one of the experimental interface.
     24 5. Redo step3.
     31You notice one if the interface showing up as failed with a yellow background. This because the link is not actually down. Its one end of it which we consider a partial failure of the link/node.
     336. If you have a custom script that you would like to use to validate a particular condition in your slice, you can also upload that to the Validation module. All that is required of the script is to
     35 * Return with exit status of 0 on success
     36 * Return with exit status of 1 on failure
     37 * Return with exit status of 2 on a partial failure.
     39Any output to console will be display in the table.