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Quick Menu Access

Slice List

This menu option display you a list of all your slices of which you are assigned an admin role. In other words, all slices you have created will be displayed by default. Your can use the checkboxes to toggle display of slices in your various projects, slices created by other members in your project on which you may be a member. You can also use the Advanced checkbox to

  • Renew your Slice/Slivers
  • Edit Slice Membership
  • Delete your Slice Resources
  • View your Slice Manifest
  • View the latest Status of your Slice

Quick List

This menu options provides a overlay navigation menu for each of your slices that the GENIDesktop already knows about. It may not show slices that have been created elsewhere.

Create Slice

This option provides a quick access menu to the Slice Creation operation explained here


This options provides a shortcut to access a user Global Account Settings also called GENIDesktop Account Settings which is explained in Global Account Settings Section

Manage Sessions

Everytime you login to the GENIDesktop, all GENI related data such as slice and user credentials, manifests and slice status are fetched from the GENI Clearing house and GENI Aggregates and stored on the server just for that existing session. As shown in the screenshot below, every session has a default timeout of 30 minutes. This means that if you close your browser or loose connectivity to the GENIDesktop page for more than 30 minutes you session is considered expired and all GENI Slice state stored at the GENIDesktop is cleared out. This is an added security feature. If you need to have a really long lived session that you may to continue in case you have a background job running via the GENIDesktop, you can extend this timeout here. In addition to this, all you valid GENIDesktop sessions are listed on this page. You may see multiple active sessions here if you have GENIDesktop sessions opened up in different browsers at the same time or have a longer timeout set. You have the option of terminating the sessions from this option too. The Download Key button is used by the GDCLI tool to match a GENIDesktop CLI session to the GUI interface.


Log Off


Feedback/Bug Report

Slice Specific Settings

Global Account Settings

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