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    88      <tr>
    99       <td> <img border="0" width=320 src=""/></td>
    10        <td valign="middle">
    11         Some text
     10       <td valign="middle"> This modules is very useful when you want to upload the same file to multiple GENI nodes simultaneously without storing at an intermediate location. The operation is made as simple as a just a bunch of selections and clicks in the GUI interface. To use this module
     11        <ol>
     12         <li>Click on the <b> File Upload Direct</b> button</li>
     13<li>Select the node(s) from the topology view. (You can select multiple nodes by using a CTRL+Click or just a drag of the mouse over the nodes) </li>
     14<li>Click on <b>Set Selection</b> button in the small window that popped up after step 1. Make sure all the nodes you select in step 2 are listed here.</li>
     15<li>Choose the file(s) you would like to upload by clicking on the <b>Choose</b> button.</li>
     16<li>In the text box labelled <b>Destination Directory</b> type in the location/path on the GENI nodes you want to place these uploaded files. Make sure you have write permission on this path otherwise the operation may fail.</li>
     17<li>Finally click on <b>Upload Files To Nodes</b> button to perform the upload operation.</li>
     18        </ol>
     19       You will notice a progress bar go by once the upload operation is complete.
    1220       </td>
    1321      </tr>