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1. I see a message "Failed to logon to the Genidesktop" when using my Geni Portal login ?

Make sure you can login to the GENI Portal and the GENI Portal is not under maintenance.
If you need additional assistance , please email

2. After login , i see some of my slices , but not all of them.

Make sure your have all the relevant checkboxes checked under "Work With Your Slices" on the Slice List page

No image "slicelist_checkboxes.png" attached to GD

In the above screenshot, "Mine" refers to all slice created by you whereas "Others" refers to all slices

  • on which you have been designated as a member you the original creator,
  • or assigned the role of an "Project Admin" which automatically makes you a member of all slices created by any member of the project your belong to.

3. Problem allocating resources to my slice. What do I do ?

4. Adding a Global Node (problems ?)

5. I see the message "There is an error in your slice". What do I do ?

6. How do i renew (or edit Slice Membership) my slice ?

No image "adv1.png" attached to GD

Select the "Advanced" checkbox to display more options.

No image "adv2.png" attached to GD

  • Renew Slice (and slivers) : Click on "Renew" button and increase the number of days as per your requirement.
  • View/Edit Slice Membership : Click on "Members" button to view the current slice members. If you would like to make any changes, please make the appropriate selections for each user and Click on "Submit Changes". If you have just added new members to your slice, either you will need to logout of the GENIDesktop and log back in for the new user to use your slice in the GENIDesktop or then the new user themselves can just re-login to the GENIDesktop.

7. Collaborating with other members of a slice in the GENIDesktop

To get your GENIDesktop slice page may require some GENI API operation that require the slice to change state. This may confuse other members of the slice who are currently logged on to the GENIDesktop. If you have multiple members in your slice with whom you are working and require all of them using the GENIDesktop at the same time, we ask that you speak to your slice members and co-ordinate your effort. You should not experience any downtime while the GENI Operations occur.

8. My SSH windows and graphs don't show up/work

Did you see a pop up tab/window in your browser before you were taken to the GENIDesktop page with the graph and SSH menus. If not, then you may have to disable the popup-blocker or add exception to allow popups from in your browser.

In Google Chrome
No image "chrome-popup.png" attached to GD

In Mozilla Firefox
No image "firefox-popup.png" attached to GD

Once you set the option to allow pop-up from the , you should see new browser window/tab that asks you to accept a self-signed certificate like show below. The GENIDesktop services run on the GDGN Node using an webserver running on https. The certificates used to be accepted by you when presented in the browser.

In Google Chrome
No image "chrome-cert.png" attached to GD
Click on "Advanced", and then on "Proceed to ..."

In Mozilla Firefox
No image "firefox-sslcert.png" attached to GD
Click on "Advanced", and then on "Add Exception ..."

You may see multiple pages like these , one from each Global Node (or GN Node) if your slice has nodes from multiple aggregates (AM) . You have to accept each one of them (Self signed cert pages). If you know that you have already accepted these pages and still have problems please email for help. If you missed or cannot see the pages to accept the Self Signed certificate messages, launch the SSH module (button) as a workaround which would force the page. Make sure to watch for it this time.

9. Can I download my graph data (as CSV/XML/Image) ?

10. Can I save my experiment state for a paper I am about to write ?

11. SSH from GENIDesktop asks for username/password. What do i enter ?

12. I don't know what this button is supposed to do.

Known Issues (and possible workarounds)

(a) ExoGENI Resources in your slice

(b) Shellinabox (SSH Button)

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