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I see a message "Failed to logon to the Genidesktop" when using my Geni Portal login ?

Make sure you can login to the GENI Portal is not under maintenance.
If you need additional assistance , please email

After login , i see some of my slices , but not all.

You may have the wrong Aggregate managers selected, or they system automatically picked some for you which are not correct. You need to manually select the Aggregate managers you have used for this slice, so that the Genidesktop knows who to communicate with in-order to get information about your slice and nodes. Follow the arrows to set the AMs appropriately. Then select the slice using the checkbox and perform the "Update Status" operation again on that slice.
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My Slice status says "MIXED". What should I do ?

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Your slice may have had resources from more than one aggregate. When you had used the Genidesktop to "Initialize/Instrumentize" your slice, you may not have had all your Aggregate Managers selected in the AM list selection. But there is hope of recovery. Perform the following operations to bring the state of the slice to a recognized state.

  1. Find the AMs at which you believe your resources are reserved.
  2. In the Genidesktop mouse over the word "MIXED". You should see something like
            Assume for this example, that GN0 belongs to KY-IG and GN1 belongs to Utah PG.
    This indicates that the "Initialization" operation was performed on the nodes that match the AM to which the node "GN1" belongs. The ranking of the states are :
        0 - CREATED   (least)
        6 - INSTRUMENTIZE_COMPLETE  (highest)
    If your slice details (when you mouse over) has any of the _IN_PROGRESS states, then this may not be recoverable and you may have to delete the slice and start over.
  3. Change the AM selection for this slice to the one with the least state. In our example from (2) GN0 is in the CREATED state which is the least. So we set the AM to KY-IG using the method mentioned here
  4. Perform the "Update Status" operation on the slice. And then perform the "Initialize/Instrumentize" operation to bring the nodes at KY-IG (as per my example) to the "INITIALIZED" state (which is the state my nodes at Utah PG are in)
  5. Change the AM selection for this slice again to set both the AMs this time.
  6. Perform the "Update Status" operation on the slice. You should a valid status this time . If the problem persists please email for help

My Slice status says "?fetch error!". What should I do ?

If this is a slice that contains resources from Exogeni Racks, please wait until the node status says its "READY". If this is not the case or when using any other aggregates, please email for help with details regarding your slicename, aggregates you have your resources at .

My Slice status says "ERROR". What should I do ?

Bring your mouse over the work "ERROR" and see what the tool-tip message says.

  • If you see a message "Hostname does not exist", it means that the rack at which you have created your resources has a slow or misconfigured DNS. The hostnames records for you nodes has not been propagated to other DNS servers. You may have to wait a while and then try to perform the "Update Status" Operation. We have seen certain Instageni racks taking around 30 mins for the DNS hostnames to work.
  • If you see a message "Hostname is not responding (timeout or socket error)", it means that the mentioned host/node has a problem with network connectivity or the ssh daemon is no running. Things may not work until the Control Framework errors are fixed. Please contact the GENI Help folks.
  • If you see a message "Authentication for hostname at port", it means that the mentioned host/node has a problem the ssh daemon. It just could be that your slice is not yet in a ready state of just became "Ready" within the last minute or two. If this error persists even after 5 minutes of your slice being in a READY state, try to login to this problematic node using your desktop and the ssh program.
    If you succeed then it could be an error on our part : please email for help
    If you fail then it could be an error on our Control Framework : please email GENI Mailing lists for help

I get "Slice Initialization/Instrumentization failed" messages. How should I proceed ?

This could be due to unstability in resolving the hostnames. We have also seen these issues when using Exogeni Resources with VMs that have less than 2GB memory and no swap space allocated to it. The preferable VM type to be used in Exogeni is "xo.small". Or this could just be plain errors on our part. Please email for help.

My SSH windows and graphs don't show up/work

Did you see a pop up tab/window in your browser before you were taken to the Genidesktop page with the graph and SSH menus. If not, then that could be the problem. These services run on the GN Node under apache's web server that runs using a self-signed certificate. This has to be accepted by you when presented in the browser.

In Google Chrome
No image "cert_accept_chrome.png" attached to GD

In Mozilla Firefox
No image "cert_accept_firefox.png" attached to GD

You may see multiple pages like these , one from each Global Node (or GN Node) if your slice has nodes from multiple aggregates (AM) . You have to accept each one of them (Self signed cert pages). If you know that you have already accepted these pages and still have problems please email for help. If you missed or cannot see the pages to accept the Self Signed certificate messages, close the tab or window that has the genidesktop webpage and launch the page again. Make sure to watch for it this time.

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