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    97 = __Known Issues__ (and possible workarounds) =
     97= __Known Issues__ =
    99 === (a) ExoGENI Resources in your slice ===
     99=== (1) ExoGENI Resources in your slice ===
     100  ExoGeni Aggregates (Racks) do not support the GENI AM APIv3. This is required by the GENIDesktop to access you slice resources.
     101  So if
     102   i. The resources (nodes) in your slice were allocated using any tool other than GENIDesktop.
     103   ii. or you are trying to login to a slice that was created at a previous session and not during your today's visit to the GENIDesktop.
     105  then you may not be able use this slice at the GENIDesktop. Any new slices with ExoGENI resources you use during your current GENIDesktop session will work. There is currently no workaround for this problem.
    101 === (b) Shellinabox (SSH Button) ===
     108=== (2) Shellinabox (SSH Button) ===
     109   Shellinabox is the software used by the SSH Module in the GENIDesktop to open ssh sessions to your nodes in the browser. If you have added additional users to your slice after the slice was used at the GENIDesktop, the new users will not have a working SSH session using the GENIDesktop SSH Module. They can however ssh into their node using their ssh clients and ssh keys from their local machines. If you and other users in your slice absolutely require this feature to work for all users, you can enable it at your own risk. Trying to enable this will kill all existing sessions for all other users too.
     110   One of the users who has access to the nodes will have to ssh manually (using your native ssh client and ssh keys) to the GDGN node and run the command below
     112{{{ sudo /usr/testbed/sbin/measure-scripts/siab_action rebuild}}}