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This page contains pointers to good background reading for those interested in the Facility Control Framework.

A Minimal Definition of GENI's Narrow Waist
An abridged version of the Architecture document, focusing on the definition of key abstractions, but sacrificing completeness. If you have time for only the Reader's Digest version, this is the document to read.
GENI Architectrue Redeux
June 2007. An update to the GENI Architecture document (GDD-06-11) to reflect the material incorporated into the Facility Design document. If you are going to read only one document, this is probably it.
GENI Facility Design
GDD-07-44, April 2007. The most comprehensive description of the facility. Sketches the architecture, plus describes example technologies that might populate a deployment.
GENI Facility Construction Plan
GDD-07-45, April 2007. Describes an open source inspired model for building GENI, which helps motivate some of the architectural design decisions.
Expands upon the Resource Specification (rspec) section of the full Architecture document.
Using the Component and Aggregate Abstractions in the GENI Architecture
GDD-06-42, John Wroclawski, Facility Architecture Working Group, December 2006. Contains a nice discussion of aggregates.

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