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GENI Control Framework Working Group (control-wg)

Chairs: Larry Peterson, John Wroclawski

Working Group System Engineer: Harry Mussman

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Control Framework Announcements

Documents published by the GENI Project Office

GENI System Requirements

This document specifies GENI system requirements. This document specifies requirements for the system as a whole: that is, all requirements listed in this document pertain to the overall system. They form the basis of further derived requirements that then flow down to the various subsystems, which are in turned captured in Requirements Documents for those subsystems. (updated 1/13/09)
This document now has a wiki page at SysReqDoc.

GENI System Overview

This document is intended to help readers unfamiliar to the GENI project understand the design through examples and discussions of key elements and concepts. It has been revised to reflect an improved understanding of the major subsystems and their interfaces.

GENI Spiral 1 Overview

This document provides a brief introduction to GENI Spiral 1, the first phase of GENI prototyping. It identifies the goals of Spiral 1, the various research projects that will be integrated to form Spiral 1, and the ways in which they will be integrated.

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